2012-2013 Catalog 
    May 16, 2021  
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECON 129 CM - Game Theory

Introduction to economics decision-making in strategic interdependent settings where the outcome of your actions depends also on the actions of others. This course will introduce and develop various concepts, including: Strategies, Payoffs, Players, Rationality, and various concepts of Equilibrium which will help us analyze strategic behavior by individuals and firms. These concepts will be illustrated using a variety of economic models from industrial organization such as: oligopoly, bankruptcy law, takeover deterrents, collusion in the stock market, patent races, auctions, bargaining, and models of asymmetric information such as principal-agent and the “lemon” problem. We will analyze famous games like the prisoner’s dilemma, the battle of the sexes, and the voting decision.

Prerequisites: ECON 101 CM  and ECON 120 CM  or equivalent

Offered: Every year

Credit: 1

Course Number: ECON129 CM