2014-2015 Catalog 
    May 05, 2021  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Robert Day Scholars Program


The Robert Day Scholars Program is designed to prepare students with a solid liberal arts education, significant leadership aptitude and strong analytical skills for leadership roles in business, finance, government, and not-for profit organizations. Building on that liberal arts background with specifically designed courses in finance, economics, accounting, and organizational psychology or leadership, the program endeavors to produce leaders with both a broad perspective and a deep understanding of financial economics. Co-curricular activities, including communication workshops, internship opportunities, networking trips to leading firms, guest speakers etc., are an integral part of the Robert Day Scholars Program. These activities are designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of a strong ethical foundation in decision-making settings and to broaden their skills in areas such as leadership and communication.

Robert Day Scholars receive a generous financial fellowship toward tuition, access to networking opportunities, and customized support from a career services specialist.

There are two parts of the Robert Day Scholars Program: an undergraduate program, described below; and a graduate program, described in the Master of Arts in Finance - Degree Requirements  section of the catalog.

The Robert Day Scholars Program

The Robert Day Scholars (RDS) Program is designed for highly motivated students with excellent academic records, significant leadership aptitude, and a clear interest in leadership roles in business, finance, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The undergraduate program provides students with a foundation in the core areas of knowledge required to be successful in the business world and in leadership positions. Students apply as sophomores to become Robert Day Scholars during their senior year.

The program is open to students from the undergraduate Claremont Colleges and all students who have taken the prerequisite courses, regardless of their major(s), are welcome to apply. The curriculum focuses on four core areas: accounting, economics, finance, and organizational psychology. The exact courses to be completed depend upon each student’s major(s) and previously completed coursework.

Robert Day Scholars receive a merit scholarship and will graduate with the Robert Day Scholar designation.

Courses for the Robert Day Scholars Program

The curricular focus of the program is on finance, along with complementary coursework in economics, accounting, and organizational psychology. Scholars also participate in a set of specially designed extra-curricular activities. Students have the option of applying to the BA program that provides an introductory experience or the BA/MA program that provides a more advanced experience and a graduate diploma.

To complete the BA curricular requirements, students must complete two semesters each of coursework in:

To complete the BA/MA curricular requirements students must complete:

  • Requirements for graduation for CMC BA
  • The requirements described in the RDS Combined BA/MA degree program