2020-2021 Policy Library 
    May 18, 2024  
2020-2021 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Posting and Advertising Policy



Members of the CMC community are permitted to post public materials and must follow these instructions.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in the materials being taken down and may result in sanctions (including, but not limited to, a fine for any damage caused by improper posting). 



Posted materials: include digital as well as printed materials.

All Content

  1. Posted material may not contain content which violates behavioral standards identified in the Student Code of Conduct, Civil Rights Handbook, Staff Handbook, and Faculty Handbook.  In addition, the content may not advertise alcohol and other drugs (see paragraph 5 for limited exception).  Posted material which violates behavioral standards can result in a referral to the appropriate disciplinary process which addresses that conduct.
  2. Individual students or student clubs and organizations must have events approved prior to advertising the events.  Once an event is approved, any advertising must indicate if the event is limited to CMC students or indicate which other colleges’ students are invited.  Student clubs and organizations may advertise alcohol at their events provided that the posted material does not promote or encourage unsafe or excessive drinking behaviors.
  3. Posted material and banners must contain the following: the name of the person or sponsoring organization; the person or organization’s contact information (a valid phone number or valid email address); and the date the material was posted.
  4. All posted material and advertising must be removed within two business days of the event’s conclusion (including the fastening material used), or within two weeks of the date of the posting if the posted material is not advertising a specific event.
  5. Defacing, covering up, or removing posted material is prohibited.  Only designated College officials or the initial poster may remove permissibly-posted material.
  6. Members of The Claremont Colleges may post materials on CMC’s campus if all aspects of this Policy are followed.

Physical Materials

  1. Posted materials can be no larger than 11 x 17 inches and can be mounted only on College bulletin boards. Bulletin boards can currently be found in the Collins’ kiosk, the HUB breezeway, in Bauer Center by the south entrance, and residence halls.  If taped, only blue masking tape may be used.  The College regularly evaluates the location and number of bulletin boards and may, at times, add bulletin boards.  When this occurs, the campus community will be notified of any additional approved posting locations.
  2. Placing posted materials on painted surfaces, windows (including windows on doors), campus signs, trees, the ground, or individual residence hall room doors violates this Policy.
  3. Banners may be hung on the second floor railing on the south side of Appleby Hall to advertise events or candidacies for student elections provided they are fastened to the railing with blue masking tape only and smaller than 3 x 5 feet in size.  Only one banner per event or candidacy is allowed.
  4. Chalking is not allowed anywhere on CMC’s campus without prior approval of both the Dean of Students Office and Facilities/Campus Services (Story House).

Digital Materials

  1. Additional requirements for submitting material for campus digital signs can be found online.