2023-2024 Catalog 
    Dec 06, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog

Courses in Film Studies

CMC Courses

Film courses at CMC are listed with those of the literature department. The program chair has a composite list of film and media studies courses offered at The Claremont Colleges. Consult the appropriate college catalog for descriptions and availability.

Programs and Courses in Film and Media Studies at the Other Claremont Colleges

CMC students may also complete a full major in Media Studies through Intercollegiate Media Studies. The Media Studies program includes theory, analysis, and production courses of various kinds of media, including film, video, television, print, computers and internet, art, etc. With courses offered by a variety of departments at all of The Claremont Colleges, the major consists of four tracks: Film/Video, Digital/Electronic Media, Critical Studies, and Critical Studies with a Film Studies emphasis. For further information, see the website of the Intercollegiate Media Studies program.