2016-2017 Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL132L KS - Comparative Physiology

An investigation of fundamental physiological processes including circulation, respiration, movement, digestion, and neural and endocrine communication in animals with an emphasis on vertebrates. Some topics in the physiology of plants will also be discussed. Attention will be given to how an organism’s physiology reflects adaptation to its environment. Students may not also take BIOL 131L KS - Vertebrate Physiology , BIOL140L PO - Animal Physiology, BIOL101  HM - Comparative Physiology, or BIOL103  HM - Comparative Physiology Lab, for credit. This course has a laboratory fee.

Prerequisites: BIOL 043L KS  and BIOL 044L KS , or BIOL 040L KS  and BIOL 044L KS ; CHEM 014L KS  and CHEM 015L KS , or CHEM 040L KS  and CHEM 015L KS , or CHEM 029L KS ; or both semesters of  

Offered: Every fall

Credit: 1

Course Number: BIOL132L KS