HIST158 CM - Japanese Empire: Korea, China, Taiwan, and Manchuria

Following the Meiji Ishin (1868), Japan became an imperial power as it seized territories and resources in various parts of East Asia. By the start of the Pacific War in December 1941, Japan had become one of the largest imperial powers in Asia with its colonization of Taiwan and Korea, control of vast parts of southern China and establishment of the puppet regime of Manchukuo (Manchuria). This class looks at how Japan became an imperial power in East Asia and how this development impacted those affected by Japanese rule, including Korea, China, Taiwan, and Manchuria. In particular, the class seeks to trace why and how people in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Manchuria sought to forge new ideologies, customs, and practices to not only deal with Japanese imperialism, but also modernity.

Offered: Every other year

Credit: 1

Course Number: HIST158 CM

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