AFRI121 AF - Africana Philosophy

Philosophical thought and the philosophical cannon cannot be restricted to the 'great thinkers' of western history. This course will be a general introduction to Africana Philosophy. We will unveil not only that philosophy is more than the western world and has points of origin in other places, such as Africa, but we will also discover how Africana philosophy serves as a challenge to the integrity of integral concepts and themes in modern western philosophy; for example, the subject, freedom, the human, and even ontology. We will achieve these insights through a survey of thinkers, writers, and people who address themes such as traditional Africana thought, black existentialism, black feminism, post colonialism, whiteness, double consciousness, and Afro-pessimism. Also listed as PHIL 109 CM .

Offered: Every year

Credit: 1

Course Number: AFRI121 AF

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