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2023-2024 Policy Library

Student Academic Regalia Policy

Category: Events
Title: Student Academic Regalia Policy
Approved by: President
Date Approved: 1/25/2019
Responsible Official: Director of Events


Academic ceremonies, including Commencement, are important to the history and tradition of Claremont McKenna College. This document outlines the guidelines for academic regalia, which is required of all student participants, for Commencement at CMC.

Candidates for graduation must wear the appropriate black graduation gown and mortar board (cap). 

Cap (Mortarboard)

  • Graduates must wear the approved Claremont McKenna College mortarboard or tam. No other hat may be worn (e.g., baseball cap).
  • The tassel is worn on the right side of the mortar board. Following conferral of the degree, the tassel is placed on the left side of the mortar board.
  • No personal décor of any kind is allowed to be added or placed on the mortarboards.



Graduates must wear the approved Claremont McKenna College gowns and abide by the following guidelines:

  • Gowns must extend beyond the knee.
  • Clothing must be worn under the approved gown.
  • No decoration may be added to the approved gown.
  • No accessory or clothing may be added to the approved gown (beyond the academic and non-academic regalia outlined below.)


Cord and Stoles

Academic Regalia

The purpose of regalia worn with commencement apparel is to recognize distinguished academic accomplishments. Only such regalia earned through undergraduate academic honors at Claremont McKenna College and/or qualified membership in an approved academic honor society, such as Phi Beta Kappa, may be worn and are recognized and noted in the ceremony program booklet.

Non-Academic Regalia

Although not recognized in the ceremony script or booklet, some degree candidates with non-academic group affiliations may wear regalia such as a stole, sash and/or floral leis. Only non-academic regalia given on behalf organizations official recognized by Claremont McKenna College and/or The Claremont Colleges may be worn. These honors must be furnished and managed by the respective group bestowing the regalia.

Some exceptions to the policy may be considered in extreme cases.