2023-2024 Policy Library 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Policy Library

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors Parking Policy

Category: Facilities, Transportation, and the Environment
Title: Parking Regulations for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors
Approved by: The President’s Executive Cabinet
Date Approved: August 22, 2018
History: Approved January 1, 2009
Related Policies: N/A
Additional References: The Claremont Colleges’ Parking Regulations;
Responsible Official: Office of the Vice President for Business and Chief Financial Officer, Office of Facilities and Campus Services

Policy Statement

In coordination and cooperation with the other Claremont Colleges, Claremont McKenna College seeks to concentrate, contain and manage its parking impacts within its own campus so that it minimizes the potential negative impacts of traffic and parking on adjacent campuses and private neighborhoods.

Additionally, the Department of Campus Safety is charged with the enforcement of the rules and regulations governing the use of vehicles, parking, and bicycles at The Claremont Colleges.  Among other things, these Regulations address the requirements for staff, faculty and students to register vehicles on campus, obtaining guest parking permits, the fees for student vehicle registration, displaying parking permits, towing, relevant state and municipal laws, citations, appeals of citations, and safety recommendations.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with the Parking and Traffic Regulations [PDF] as well as state and municipal laws while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle on The Claremont Colleges’ campuses.

The information below supplements Campus Safety’s Parking and Traffic Regulations [PDF]. 

Entities Covered by this Policy

All units of the College.


Facilities and Campus Services
(909) 621-8112

Policy Discussion

Minimizing Impact to Non-CMC Lots 

CMC provides parking spaces for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors in dedicated lots or on streets abutting campus in order to mitigate the impacts of our traffic and parking on the other Colleges and in adjacent neighborhoods. As a result, although there are a number of general permit lots that are currently available to registered faculty or staff members at each of the Colleges, it shall be the College’s policy to require all CMC faculty, students, and staff to park in a CMC-designated parking location as their regular parking location when they are on campus for work (as a faculty or staff member) or residential purposes (as a student). Temporary, short-term parking to attend a meeting, visit an office or a colleague, or other similar activity, is permissible.

Regular parking in a non-CMC space is permissible when CMC has obtained consent from the home institution to use such parking.  Facilities and Campus Services will send out appropriate notices to faculty and staff of these locations.

Regulations Specific to CMC Students 

First year students are not permitted to bring vehicles to campus.  Upper-class students are not permitted to register a car for a first year student. Attempts to do so may result in disciplinary action (including potential loss of future parking privileges) for both parties.

Vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots at the end of the spring semester.

CMC students are permitted to park in the six parking lots listed below with a CMC student parking permit. Students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff designated lots or parking spaces between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students are not permitted to park in the student lots of the other Claremont Colleges. There are no exceptions.

North Quad/9th Street Lot: Located at Ninth Street and Mills (north of Boswell and Wohlford residence halls) and may be reached from Claremont Blvd (CMC student parking permit required).

Bauer Lot: Located on Ninth Street just west of Claremont Boulevard. This lot contains a limited number of spaces for students who live in North Quad. North Quad residents must have their ID card activated by Story House to access this gated lot (CMC student parking permit required) and may only park in spaces designated for students. The smaller lot directly east of Bauer Center is not for student parking.

Sixth and Mills Lot and Sixth Street Lots: Located on Sixth Street south of the athletic complex (CMC parking permit required).

Student Apartment Lot: Located east of the football field (CMC student parking permit and apartment parking permit required). Only residents of the Student Apartments will be given access to the gate at the entrance to this lot. Guests of apartment residents may park along the west side of Claremont Boulevard (a city street) beginning at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 2:00 a.m. (see overnight parking restrictions below). Overnight parking on Claremont streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. is limited to one hour.

Children’s School/Hammer Throw Lot: Located south of the Children’s School and accessed via Sixth Street (CMC parking permit required).

Out-of-state driver information (individuals who are between 18 and 22): If you are a full-time student in California between 18 and 22 years old and have a valid driver’s license from your home state or country (your place of permanent residence), you may drive in this state as long as your home state license remains valid. When you establish residence in California, you must get a California State Driver’s License within 10 days or get one immediately when you become a resident and are employed to drive for compensation.

Out-of-state minor driver information (under 18 years old): If you are a visitor in California between 16 and 18 years old, you may drive here with your home state driver’s license for only 10 days after your arrival in California. After the ten days you must have a Nonresident Minor’s Certificate or a California license. A Nonresident Minor’s Certificate permits you to drive in California with a valid home state license. This is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles to a minor who has filed proof of ability to respond to damages in case of an accident. This proof is usually filed by means of an insurance certificate from an insurance company authorized to do business in California. You may not be employed to drive until you are 18 and have a California license.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters

These items must be stored in your residence hall room or in a skateboard/bike rack or other authorized storage location. It is recommended that you secure your bike with a “U”-type lock. These items may not be locked or otherwise secured to handrails, furniture, trees, fences, poles, benches or stored in hallways, stairwells, lounges or balconies, etc.

Bicycles, skateboards and scooters stored in unauthorized areas will be removed at the owners’ expense and without notice. If impounded, you must provide ID, a detailed description of the bicycle, skateboard, or scooter, and proof of ownership to the Facilities staff at Story House. Note, confiscated bicycles which have not been properly licensed will not be returned until the proper license has been obtained.

Bicycles, skateboard, and scooters remaining on campus after Commencement will be donated.

Parking Reservation Requests

Specific parking spots can only be reserved for:

  • Athenaeum speakers
  • Institute Advisory Board Members
  • CMC Board of Trustee Members
  • Guests of the President’s Office

Parking reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.  Please timely submit a work order.  On the page, select “Submit Service Request” then “Parking Reservations” in the “Problem Field.”  In the “Short Description” field, please note the name of the person you are reserving a space for, the date and time needed, and the general location of the parking spot requested.

Please note that in most instances, reserved spots will be arranged for in the Bauer east lot.  Special arrangements may be discussed with Facilities.  The person making the request is responsible for communicating with the guest that the guest must use the spot reserved for the guest and that the guest is aware of the parking regulations on campus.  Sufficient parking is a constant challenge at the College, and guests who park in an alternate spot while a different spot has also been reserved for them negatively impacts the parking options for the rest of the community.  The Office of Facilities and Campus Services reserves the right to refuse to reserve a parking space for a guest who repeatedly parks in alternate locations.

Also, community members may not reserve spots for their own guests outside of this system or remove any item installed or displayed which clearly indicates the parking spot is being reserved for a guest.

For larger events in which parking is requested for a large amount of guests, please submit a work order consistent with the instructions above.  These arrangements must be made 48 hours in advance.  When a timely work order is submitted, to accommodate a large amount of guests the Facilities Department will raise the electronic arm of the Bauer east lot (but not reserve individual spots)  no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.   If your guests need to arrive before 8:30 a.m., you must submit a work order and will be charged an hourly rate for a parking attendant to raise the electronic arm as your guests arrive, as specified in the Facility Use Policy, Attachment A  [PDF].   The electronic arm remains in an upright position on Saturday and Sunday and thus no work orders need to be placed for weekend events.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Gasoline-powered scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles cannot be stored inside any College building at any time. Vehicles found to be stored in unauthorized areas will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. 

Vehicles (including scooters, Segways, motorized bikes, etc.) are not permitted on the interior of the campus.

Community members may not use their ID cards to raise the electronic arms to allow other vehicles to enter CMC’s lots.