2023-2024 Policy Library 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Policy Library

Travel Report Form Instructions 

Requests for reimbursement of travel expenses should be submitted on a travel report from in accordance with the following: 

  • If reimbursement is for mileage only, or if all of the travel expenses were paid directly by a college check or purchase order, this form should not be used.
  • Expenses paid for by the traveler that are included as part of this report must be substantiated with original receipts. Please consult your institution’s travel reimbursement policy for details on what types of expenses are allowable, and what type of documentation is required.
  • All travel advances must be cleared by submitting a completed Travel Report within two weeks after the date of return.
For Summer 2021, all college-supported faculty travel must also be in compliance with the COVID-19 Faculty Travel Guidelines to be eligible for reimbursement.

Name of traveler and/or person who received a travel advance.

Date Submitted:

Date that the travel report is submitted for department approval.

Purpose Of Trip:

Brief description of the trip, such as a conference, seminar, recruiting, etc. Please include the name of the conference or seminar.

Date Of Departure:

Date on which the travel began.


City or town traveled to. If travel was outside of the United States, also list the country. If there were multiple destinations, please attach an itinerary.

Date Of Return:

Date on which reimbursable travel ended.

Mail Check To:

Enter the address to which the reimbursement check is to be mailed. Please note that the check can only be sent to the payee.

# Of Business Days Traveled:

Enter the total number of business days traveled.

Mode Of Transportation:

Indicate the principal mode(s) of transportation used, such as air, personal auto, rental car, train, etc.

Direct Payment:

Itemize all payments for travel that were paid directly by a college check, such as hotel deposits, airfare, etc.

Payment By Traveler:

Itemize all expenses paid for by the traveler from personal or travel advance moneys. 12. Signature Of Traveler: Signature of the traveler. 13. Department Approval: Signature of the Department

Signature Of Traveler:

Signature of the traveler.

Department Approval:

Signature of the Department Chair, Director, or Supervisor authorizing the travel expenses.

Total Spent By Traveler:

Enter the total spent by the traveler. This amount should equal the amount listed in the total column.

Travel Advance Received:

Enter the total moneys received by the traveler as an advance.

Amount Due To Traveler:

Enter the amount spent by the traveler in excess of the advance.

Refund Due To College:

Enter the amount of advance moneys not spent by the traveler. If a refund is due the college, a check payable to the college must be attached to this report.


Enter amount to be charged to an account number.

Commodity Code:

Select a commodity code from the drop down box.


Enter a brief 20 character description (if necessary)

Account Number To Be Charged:

Enter the general ledger account number (not the account name) to which the travel expenses will be charged.

Team Review:

For Financial Services use only.