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    Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Policy Library

Change Management Policy

Volume X: Information Technology Services
Policy: Change Management Policy
Approved by: Administrative Computing Committee (ACC)
History: Issued: 4/22/2008, Revised: 5/12/2008, Reformatted/Revised: 12/14/2009
Related Polices: CMC’s Response to Student Violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Employee Termination Information Access and Resource Disposition, Student Access to Administrative Information Systems
Additional References: N/A
Responsible Official: Office of Information Technology Services

 I. Policy Statement

To provide the requirements needed to maximize the benefits of changes to any application, system software, database, or data while providing assistance to the change owner and CMC to help ensure secure and reliable changes.


II. Entities Covered by this Policy

This policy covers students, faculty, staff, alumni, and research use of Claremont McKenna College computing resources.


III. Contacts

Direct any questions about this policy to your department’s supervisor. Questions about specific issues may be addressed to the Chief Technology Officer (909-607-1553).


IV. Definitions

The Change Management Policy has been implemented to ensure a uniform change control process, achieve better performance, reduce time and staff requirements, increase the reliability of the production versions of the software and make the process of future modifications and enhancements to the software easier and more secure.


V. Details

Change Management requirements must be applied whenever CMC’s system software, application software, databases or data are changed or modified. This policy extends to any college application or service that connects to the CMC network infrastructure.

Changes and/or modifications can be subdivided into four categories. Depending on impact to users and other systems, a change is considered to be one of the following:

New application development

Adding a new function to an existing application or service

Changing, modifying, or upgrading an existing application or service

Changing or modifying an existing databases or data set other than routine data entry.


VI. Responsibilities

Change Management will be performed by the requisite personnel from the ITS department and other appropriate college departments. These individuals are the only authorized individuals who can approve a system software, application software, database, or data change.

The ITS department is responsible for emergency changes, bug fixes and the implementation of new releases. The ITS department is responsible for major changes, enhancements and the development of new releases.

A Change Implementation Team will at minimum consist of the Director of Information Systems and Network Services, as well as necessary programmer/analysts, systems/analysts, or network specialists making the change, proper subject matter experts, and other members from business groups as required.


VII. Exceptions

CMC’s ITS management must approve any exceptions and/or changes to this policy. They will document and approve all exceptions and ensure an audit trail is created for the exceptions.