2023-2024 Policy Library 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Policy Library

Keck Science Rules, Regulation, and Keys

Funding Projects: Rules and Regulations

Money has been put aside for funding independent study and thesis projects within the Keck Science Department. Although we have budgeted a certain amount per student, there are no set limits. Some projects require lots of supplies, others few. In any event, no single project will be reimbursed for expenses over $250 without review by the department budget committee.

Our rules on reimbursement for thesis and independent study expenses are as follows:

  1. Typing costs, paper, Xeroxing, and binding of a thesis are all costs borne by the student. 
  2. You may ask for reimbursement for appropriate expenses including equipment and supply costs and some transportation.
  3. You should always receive prior approval of your expenditures from your thesis director and should order supplies and equipment through the department as we can often get a discount. You should always keep original receipts for any purchases as we cannot get reimbursement from the business office without them.
  4. Pitzer students should apply as soon as possible to the Pitzer Research and Development Committee for student research funds.

Keck Science Department Key Policy

  1. Keys will be issued only to those students who have written permission from their faculty supervisor. Further rules governing the issuance of keys are covered in the form that will be handed out to each student receiving keys.
  2. Under no circumstances are keys to be loaned or duplicated.
  3. No one should be granted entrance to the building unless that person has received previous authorization from the professor in charge.
  4. Keys are to be returned by the last day of classes. If you intend to have a key for more than one semester, you must return the key and check it out again at the beginning of the next semester.
  5. For each unreturned key (lost or otherwise) the student will be charged $100 to go toward the cost of rekeying. Grades will not be submitted until keys are returned or accounts are settled.
  6. Students are responsible for locking doors after leaving a room or laboratory. PLEASE NOTE: to enter most rooms in the department you must unlock the door. It does not relock automatically and will remain unlocked until you relock it by turning the key fully in the direction opposite to that used to unlock it. It is a good habit to do this immediately after unlocking and opening each door so that there will be no possibility of forgetting to do it later. Also, on weekends and late at night, make sure the doors to the building are locked when you leave.
  7. You are taking responsibility for the security of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Do not flout your responsibility. Violation of these rules will result in the revocation of your key privileges.