2023-2024 Policy Library 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Policy Library

Departmental Technology Budget

Volume X: Information Technology Services
Chapter Workstations: Departmental Technology Budget Upgrades
Approved by: Administrative Computing Committee (ACC)
History: Issued 8/1/1999; Revised 4/13/2009, 12/14/2009
Related Polices: Backup and Recovery of User Files on Network Servers, Faculty Technology Budget Upgrades, Purchase of Obsolete Workstation from the College, Replacement Cycle of Workstations, Staff Upgrade Budget, Standard Faculty and Staff Workstation Screen-Saver Policy, Standard Staff Printer Hardware Configuration, Standard Workstation Hardware and Software Configuration
Additional References: N/A
Responsible Official: Office of Information Technology Services

Policy Statement

To define the use of a department computer equipment/supplies budget within the individual departments via budget account object code 6130.


Entities Covered by this Policy

All workstations and office technology at Claremont McKenna College.



Direct any questions about this policy to your department’s supervisor. Questions about specific issues may be addressed to the Chief Technology Officer (909-607-1553).



It is recognized that a standard workstation configuration (hardware and software) may not meet the needs of all staff members. Some staff workstations may need to be upgraded because of government regulations or special needs related to their assigned tasks. In order to accomplish the upgrades to staff workstations, the staff member and department supervisor will work with ITS to determine the specific equipment needed; the supervisor will authorize the upgrades and complete the ITS Purchase Requisition Form, in all its particulars. ITS will install the upgrades.



The following procedures will be followed when upgrading a staff member’s hardware and/or software configuration of their workstation, and augmenting departmental technology assets.

  1. The staff member will work with Information Technology Services to determine needed equipment/components and/or software.
  2. Departments can request additional computers and equipment outside of workstations (printers, laptops, etc.), and via the ITS Purchase Requisition Form as described on the ITS web site: http://www.claremontmckenna.edu/its/forms/
  3. Using the specific department account number, Information Technology Services will be responsible for ordering, receiving, processing payment, and installing all hardware and software upgrades on behalf of the requesting department.
  4. There is no promise of a four year replacement for technology bought outside of the standard IT capital budgets.