2022-2023 Policy Library 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Screening Policy

History: Issued July 27, 2020
Amended: March 1, 2021; August 7, 2022
Applicability: This Policy applies to employees or vendors reporting to the Claremont McKenna College
Related Policies: COVID-19 Policies  
Responsible Official: Vice President of Human Relations and Chief Diversity Officer

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Policy Statement

The College is subject to follow Federal, State and Local health guidelines as well as Occupational Health and Safety guidelines required by OSHA to ensure the health and safety of the workplace and protect employee health. These guidelines require employers to provide a safe workplace that is free from recognized hazards, including the risk of contracting or spreading an infectious disease. The College takes these requirements seriously. CMC views the health and safety of our community as its top priority.

The best way to control a hazard is to keep it out or remove it from the workplace through the implementation of appropriate controls that mitigate the risk of exposure and transmission.

Therefore, no employee or visitor should come to campus or to work if they are sick or if they are exposed to a person who has COVID-19. We encourage employees to actively self-monitor their health before coming to campus. Employees who experience a fever of 100.0 or greater are not permitted to return to campus and should isolate at home, until they are free of fever for at least 72 hours. Employees who do not feel well and/or are experiencing any symptoms are required to stay home, follow applicable department call-in procedures and contact the COVID-19 hotline at 909-607-2301 or covid19@cmc.edu.

Employees who come to work showing these signs or symptoms will be required to leave the workplace. Employees should report time off due to sickness according to College sick pay policies.

Employees who are asked to leave the workplace or who remain home due to illness are required to follow up with their doctor and may be required to provide a doctor’s note certifying fitness to return to the workplace. Additionally, employees may be contacted by a member of Hamilton Health Box or Student Health to further discuss screening results and symptoms.

This daily health screening policy applies to all employees, vendors, visitors and delivery personnel that are required to be on campus. If you expect a vendor, visitor or delivery personnel to perform work on campus, it is your responsibility to inform them of this process.

Health screenings in the workplace are allowed under guidance of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in its requirement that employers are responsible to take steps to prevent a direct threat to the health and safety of individuals or others in the workplace. Employees who fail to participate in health screenings will not be allowed to report to Campus and may be required to provide a note from a health care practitioner confirming your readiness to return onsite.

This policy is subject to review and update from time to time as conditions and requirements change. For additional information or questions regarding this process, please contact the COVID-19 hotline at 909-607-2301 or covid19@cmc.edu.