2022-2023 Policy Library 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2022-2023 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chapter 11 Administrative Services of Interest to the Faculty

11.1 Addresses

11.2 Administrative Assistant Services

11.3 Vehicles on Campus

11.4 Campus Safety (TCCS)

11.5 Extra-Curricular Events

11.6 Keys and Building Access

11.7 Mail

11.8 Office Space

11.9 Physical Facilities

11.10 Telephones

11.1 Addresses

The Human Resources Office maintains a list of current addresses and phone numbers of all faculty. If there is any change in either, please notify the Human Resources Office. In addition, faculty are requested to provide the Dean’s office with summer and/or sabbatical addresses.

11.2 Administrative Assistant Services

Administrative assistant services are provided for all full-time and part-time faculty. Depending on their department, faculty are assigned an administrative assistant in one of the College’s faculty support centers. Please keep the following priorities in mind:

  • examinations and course work
  • budgeting
  • letters and memoranda essential to instructional and professional duties
  • faculty recruiting
  • college requirements such as reappointment or promotion cases
  • course outlines and assignments
  • letters of recommendation

Faculty are asked to submit work requests in a timely manner with consideration given to particularly busy times. Faculty are also asked to be aware of student workers in the support centers and should submit confidential items (such as letters of recommendation and exams) directly to the supervisor of the center.

11.3 Vehicles on Campus

Reserved parking areas for faculty and staff vehicles are located throughout The Claremont Colleges. To be parked anywhere in the Claremont Colleges, whether or not in reserved faculty areas, all vehicles must be registered and receive a parking permit from Campus Safety. Failure to display a TCCS parking permit can lead to a fine. Faculty are responsible for knowing and adhering to TCCS parking regulations.

11.4 Campus Safety (TCCS)

Campus Safety protects the persons and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors of The Claremont Colleges, assisting law enforcement and other emergency service providers as needed, by being the first responder to emergencies. We also provide around-the-clock safety escort service on campus, as needed. Phone: From On Campus, 72000; From Off Campus: 909-621-8170. Campus Safety is located at 150 East Eighth Street. Please refer to the Campus Safety website for further information.

11.5 Extra-Curricular Events

Faculty members wishing to schedule special lectures or other events on campus should notify their Faculty Support Center, and one of the following offices depending upon location:

  • Special Events Office (607-2856 or events@cmc.edu) for conferences and special events
  • The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum (621-8244) for Athenaeum speakers only
  • The Keck Science Department (621-8298) to reserve space in the W. M. Keck Science Center

Requests that do not fall under the above bullet points are scheduled by Facilities using the online Room Request Form.

11.6 Keys and Building Access

Primary responsibility for controlling keys rests with the Office of Facilities and Campus Services. Authorization to carry keys shall be granted, in conjunction with the Office of Facilities and Campus Services, by the Dean of the Faculty. All parties shall be accountable for all keys directly issued to them. Keys shall be duplicated/replaced as follows:

  • Additional keys will be made only with authorization from the Dean of the Faculty.
  • Keys will be replaced upon the return of a broken or damaged key.
  • Lost/missing keys will be replaced by Facilities and Campus Services at the expense of the requesting department.
  • Any area accessed by a lost key will be automatically re-keyed at the expense of the department whose member lost the key.

Office keys should be guarded carefully and returned to the appropriate Faculty Support Center when no longer needed. College ID cards are required for many entrances to buildings at CMC. Replacement ID cards may be issued through the Office of Human Resources.

11.7 Mail

Faculty members are assigned a mailbox in either Faculty Support Center East, or Faculty Support Center West, or Keck Science depending upon their department. Business-related mail can be posted from the support centers. Federal Express is also available. The mailing address of the College is:

Faculty Support Center - East
Claremont McKenna College
Bauer Center North
500 E. 9th Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Faculty Support Center - West
Claremont McKenna College
Kravis Center
850 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Keck Science
W.M. Keck Science Center
925 N. Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

11.8 Office Space

Academic office space is assigned by the Dean of the Faculty or the Dean’s designee.

A. Moving Policy for Faculty Office Moves

1. Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide faculty members with guidelines for office moves at Claremont McKenna College. All faculty moves are arranged through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty (DOF) and are scheduled according to the availability of administrative services,the moving company, and the faculty member.

2. New/Incoming Faculty

New faculty will be responsible for moving their personal items, research materials, and other equipment into their office at CMC. Faculty granted a moving allowance may use a portion of it for this purpose. Faculty members should arrange in advance through the DOF’s office for availability of the new office. Incoming faculty should be aware that CMC does not have facilities for the storage of items shipped in advance of their arrival.

3. Office-to-Office Moves

All office to office moves will be approved through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. CMC will provide boxes for packing and off-campus movers to assist with the load. Any personal property items will be packed and moved by the faculty member. Information Technology Services (ITS) will be responsible for dismantling and setting up of computers. The faculty member or a representative (non-CMC staff) should be present for the move if possible

B. Vacating Offices

1. Sabbatical Leaves / Leaves of Absence

Faculty who are awarded a sabbatical or paid leave may be required to relinquish use of their offices during the duration of their leave. Faculty members vacating their offices will provide sufficient working space for the temporary occupant (normally this would require a minimum of three shelves and one file or cabinet drawer). The Dean of the Faculty’s office may call upon the faculty member on leave or sabbatical to make more space available if the working space remains too cramped.

Faculty members will be required to relinquish use of their office space during unpaid leaves of absence or other long-term absences.

CMC will provide boxes for packing upon request.

2. Separation / Termination of Contract

Faculty on limited term contracts will be given a date to vacate the office. Boxes will be provided upon request.

3. Retirement

Upon the occasion of a faculty member’s retirement, CMC will provide a moving company that will assist the faculty member with the packing, moving, and delivery of boxes of office items within 150 miles. Mileage beyond the 150 mile limit will be billed directly to the faculty member. If any faculty members wish to store the items from their office, they will incur the cost of the storage unit and fees.

4. Death

The College will provide a moving service and arrange for the transfer of the late faculty member’s property to the local residence. A family-selected representative (non-CMC staff) should be present to supervise the packing activity.

C. Liability and Insurance

CMC will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal property. Faculty members should consider whether they wish to purchase higher insurance coverage beyond the limits of the mover’s insurance.

11.9 Physical Facilities

The physical facilities of the College are managed by the Administrative Services at Story House (ext. 18112). Problems regarding classroom or office maintenance should be directed to Facilities.

11.10 Telephones

Faculty are assigned a telephone with their office. Dial a “9” first to phone out. Intra-campus phone calls can use extension numbers-for example, 621-1000 would become 11000; 607-2000 would become 72000. Telephone problems should be reported online at Telephone Services.