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    Jul 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Staff and Faculty Health and Safety Protocols on Campus

History: Issued July 27, 2020
Applicability: This Policy applies to the Faculty and Staff of Claremont McKenna College.
Related Policies: COVID-19 Policies  
Responsible Official: Vice President of Business and Chief Operating Office

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Policy Statement

In consultation with health practitioners, and in following state and local requirements, the College has adopted a number of health and safety protocols on campus to help prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19.


This policy is subject to review and update from time to time, as conditions and requirements change. For additional information or questions regarding this process, please contact Facilities at (909) 621-8112 or Andrea Gale, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources at hr@cmc.edu. or 909-607-1236.


Face Coverings

  • All employees and visitors must wear face coverings at all times while on campus, when in contact or likely to come into contact with others, including outdoor spaces and when traveling across campus between facilities. Employees need not wear a face covering when the employee is alone in a private office.
  • Individuals are welcome to wear a face covering of their choice as long as the face covering covers the nose and mouth. All reusable masks should be kept clean and washed daily. Disposable masks will also be made available, if necessary.
  • In the event you have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from safely wearing a cloth face covering, please contact the Human Resources department to discuss the possibility of accommodation.

Physical Distancing

  • All employees, students and visitors must practice physical distancing by maintaining at least a 6-foot distance between individuals. Individual workstations should be separated by at least 6 feet.
  • In-person meetings are strongly discouraged in favor of telephonic or virtual meetings or outdoors. If in-person meetings are absolutely necessary, all participants must wear proper face coverings at all times and the room must be large enough to allow for proper physically distancing of at least 6 feet. Consider rooms that have open windows or moving the meeting outside.
  • Supervisors are responsible to stagger breaks and meal periods to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained in break rooms. Supervisors will ensure that employees have ample breaks to wash hands and/or have access to hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies in the workspace.
  • All elevators occupancy will be limited, refer to signage near elevators, unless you require assistance. Proper face coverings must be worn in elevators.
  • Proper face coverings must be worn at all times while riding in an electric cart. Be sure to wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as steering wheels, seats and handles with disinfectant wipes before and after each use.

Personal Health and Hygiene

All employees, students and visitors are encouraged to practice frequent and proper handwashing or use a hand sanitizer when handwashing is not available. For your convenience, hand sanitizer stations have been added across campus and near the entrances to buildings to provide greater access.

 Access to Supplies

In addition to enhanced cleaning of high traffic areas, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be provided to every office and dorm room to use as needed. Be sure to wipe down common areas and shared services such as copiers, phones and door handles before and after every use. To place an order for additional supplies, please submit a Facilities work order or contact Facilities at (909) 621-8112.