2021-2022 Policy Library 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2021-2022 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Rules of Conduct

Claremont McKenna College expects all of its employees to follow some basic rules of conduct. These rules help to protect the well-being and safety of staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Most importantly, all employees are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect. While it is not possible to list all forms of behavior that are unacceptable, here are some examples:

  • Intentional damage to or theft of property that belongs to the College or to other employees;
  • Threats, intimidation, or coercion;
  • Harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment;
  • Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness;
  • Falsification of company records, including but not limited to, timecards;
  • Dishonesty or fraudulent conduct in any form;
  • Possession of weapons and/or weapon paraphernalia in the workplace;
  • Insubordination;
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs during work hours, possession of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia in the workplace, or conducting any College business while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Altercations between employees, students, or guests of CMC.

Discipline for unacceptable conduct will depend upon the circumstances. The College will exercise its discretion in determining a proper response, up to and including the immediate termination of employment without advance notice.

As set forth elsewhere in this handbook, both the College and its employees are free to terminate their employment relationship at any time, for any or no reason, and with or without notice. The College’s Rules of Conduct do not create any exception or modification to this at-will policy.


Consistency in all of the following is expected.

  • Provide the highest quality of service to customers.
  • Participate as a member of the department team by being willing to report and resolve problems directly with your supervisor and others involved.
  • Be flexible and open to new ideas and ways of working.
  • Take initiative in performance of your work tasks, and be willing to assist others as needed.
  • Work effectively with others. Be respectful and courteous.
  • Be courteous to coworkers, customers, visitors, managers, and others. Strive to communicate clearly and professionally.
  • Do not threaten harm, raise your voice, or yell to make a point.
  • Do not gossip, use profanity, words, or actions that demean or “put down” another person.
  • Take breaks as authorized (within the times set by a supervisor).
  • Personal use of cellular (cell) phones while “on the clock” is unacceptable.
  • Follow through on work commitments you make to coworkers and the College.
  • Comply with College policies as they now exist and those the College or department may adopt from time to time, including providing timely notice of absence and request for time off.