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    Jul 24, 2024  
2021-2022 Policy Library [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Return to Work Program


Claremont McKenna College (CMC) has instituted a return-to-work program intended to provide employees recovering from a work-related injury or illness with an opportunity to resume work as soon as they are able in accordance with restrictions prescribed by the employee’s treating provider.Through temporary work assignments (including modified duty or alternative work), CMC attempts to structure an employee’s job duties so as to enable him or her to return to work within the confines of the restrictions identified by his/her health care provider.

Employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness are eligible to participate in this program once their treating provider has issued a return-to-work release subject to temporary work restrictions or limitations. The treating provider must provide a clear and complete written description of the restrictions so as to enable CMC to consider the feasibility of a temporary assignment within our organization, at any of The Claremont Colleges, or in the community.

Once an employee has been cleared to return to work subject to restrictions, CMC will determine if a temporary assignment is available based upon the physical limitations and restrictions outlined by the treating provider to Workers’ Compensation and Disability Administration.The employee will then receive a letter describing the temporary, modified duty, or alternate work assignment that is available. Once the written offer of a temporary assignment is extended, the employee must respond or appear at the designated site within 72 hours. Once a temporary assignment is identified that meets the employee’s work restrictions, he or she is required to accept the work or risk loss of indemnity benefits. The employee must comply with all organizational policies, procedures, and the requirements of the temporary work assignment for the duration of the assignment.

Temporary work assignments such as modified duty or alternate work are limited and should not exceed the amount of time that the treating provider determines is medically necessary (up to 90 days).The length of a temporary work assignment, however, may be shorter if CMC determines that the employee’s restrictions cannot be reasonably accommodated or if the organization and/or treating provider determine that continuation of the assignment is not feasible for any reason, including a determination that the job duties exceed the employee’s work restrictions. The employee no longer qualifies for this program if his/her medical condition becomes “permanent” (twelve months or longer).

NOTE: Nothing in the offer of a temporary position or the Return-to-Work Program entitles an employee to a temporary work assignment or changes the at-will nature of his or her employment with CMC. Assignments are temporary, and CMC reserves the right to reassess, modify, and/or eliminate the temporary position at its sole discretion.

Offer of Temporary Work Assignment  
Temporary Work Assignment Agreement