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Purchase of Obsolete Workstation from the College

Volume X: Information Technology Services
Chapter Workstations: Purchase of Obsolete Workstation from the College
Approved by: Information Systems and Technology Dept.
History: Issued 4/11/2001; Revised 7/1/2002, 7/1/2004, 12/14/2009
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Additional References: N/A
Responsible Official: Office of Information Technology Services

Policy Statement

  • To establish the procedure by which obsolete workstations are purchased from Claremont McKenna College. This policy is active as of July 1, 2001.


Entities Covered by this Policy

All full time faculty and staff of Claremont McKenna College.



Direct any questions about this policy to your department’s supervisor. Questions about specific issues may be addressed to the Chief Technology Officer (909-607-1553).



The College recognizes that older workstations, which have fallen behind the curve of technology, and thus are not useful for office work, may nevertheless retain utility for some staff and faculty members. The college thus makes available the opportunity for faculty and staff to purchase their obsolete workstations that are scheduled for replacement.



The following guidelines apply to purchasing an obsolete workstation:

  1. Upon notification from Information Technology Services of an impending workstation replacement, a faculty or staff member may request to purchase their obsolete workstation if it cannot be used elsewhere at CMC, for a purchase price of $100.00. Only full-time staff and faculty members are eligible to request the purchase of their own workstation. In recognition of the need for advance warning of the availability of workstations for purchase, ITS will notify the user in writing of the workstation replacement schedule. Flat screen monitors are not included in the Obsolete Workstation program
  2. If the potential buyer chooses to purchase their workstation, a formal request must be made within five working days of receipt of written notification of the workstation replacement schedule to the Instructional Technology and Client Services Director of ITS.
  3. Decisions regarding the availability of computers for sale to faculty and staff members will be made in consultation with the ITS group.
  4. Upon replacement of your workstation, ITS will hold the old workstation for a period of two weeks before removing all contents from the hard drive.
  5. Once the sale of the workstation is approved, the purchaser will sign an “as is” agreement, releasing the College from any responsibility to support the workstation after purchase.

“As-is” Agreement:
All computers and related hardware are sold solely for the benefit of employees. The College offers no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the condition of this equipment, nor promise of future maintenance support. Peripheral cables, speakers, keyboards, monitors, and any other such equipment may or may not be included in the sale; it is the buyer’s responsibility to acquire all such items as may be necessary to render the computer operational. The buyer is invited and encouraged to check all equipment to ensure that it is in good working order prior to sale. The College offers no refunds, replacements, or credits toward future purchase. Previously college owned workstations and computing equipment purchased under this agreement must be removed from the college campus permanently on the day of purchase.

  1. If the user does not request to purchase their old workstation, ITS will determine the most appropriate use for the obsolete workstation.