2019-2020 Catalog 
    Oct 04, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Committees of the Faculty and Board of Trustees

Faculty Committees

The President and the Dean of the Faculty are ex-officio members of all faculty committees. Tenured (or tenure-track) faculty with administrative appointments are listed as faculty. Ex-officio members of the administration are listed as staff. Several committees have elected members and student members that will be added later.

Standing Committees of the Faculty

Standing committees are constituted by action of the faculty, report to the faculty, make recommendations for faculty action, make recommendations to the College administration on academic issues, and must have a majority of their membership drawn from the faculty. They may be chaired by the President, one of the academic deans, or members of the faculty.

College Committees

College committees are constituted by the administration or as a result of initiatives of the faculty. They make policy recommendations outside the areas of academic issues and faculty personnel issues to either the administration, the faculty, or both.

  • Admission and Financial Aid Committee
    Faculty: Camp, Fukshansky, Gilbert, Hurley, Jasper Perkins, Kim, Landsberg (chair), Magilke, Smith, D., Valdesolo, and Venit-Shelton
    Staff: Sandoval-Dancs and Wiley
    Students: Ahmad and Asnake
  • Athenaeum Advisory Committee
    Faculty: Bou Nassif, Cole, Grant, Selig, and Shields (chair)
    Staff: Edwards, Junnar, and Uvin
    Students: Adizov, Ahmad, Anyanwu, Kemp, Krivatsy, Lui, Rosin, Santos, and Waites
  • Committee on Academic Computing
    Faculty: Areshidze, Fernholz, Finley, and Harris (chair)
    Staff: Humes and Peterson
    Students: Samko and Schulz
  • Global Education Committee
    Faculty: Ascher, Delventhal, Gilbert, Lower, Miller, and Shelton, M.
    Staff: Basso, Mallory, and Morgan
    Students: Khym, Gatabazi, and Menard
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    Faculty: Areshidze, Bessette, Charlop, Ganguly (chair), and Riggio
    Staff: Haller
  • National Awards Committee
    Faculty: Ascher, Chung-Kim, Cody, Kim, Pitney, Rajczi, Sarzynski, and Umanath
    Staff: Davidson and Mallory

Special Committees

Special committees are constituted by the administration to provide advice and counsel for various policy areas on an ongoing basis.

  • CMC Magazine Editorial Board
    Faculty: Under Review
    Staff: TBA
  • Conduct Board
    Faculty: Aitel, Bjerk, Burton, Costanzo, Edwards, Filson, Miller, Ozbeklik, and Velazco
    Staff: Graves
    Students: TBD
  • Diversity Committee
    Faculty: Edwalds-Gilbert, Flory, Garin, Hwang, and Taw (chair)
    Staff: Gray, DeVeres, and Greer
    Students: Latic, Lyons, and Tattersfield
  • Environmental Concerns Committee
    Faculty: Under Review
    Staff: Eppinger (chair)
  • IR Committee
    Faculty: TBA
    Staff: Levin
  • Faculty Library Advisory Committee
    Faculty: Lobis
  • ROTC Advisory Committee
    Faculty: Doyle
    Staff: Graves
  • Safety Committee
    Faculty: Under Review
    Staff: Gale (chair)
    Student: TBA
  • Senior Staff
    Staff: Basso, Bibbens, Chodosh, Faranda, Floyd, Humes, Levin, Sandoval-Dancs, Stevens, Uvin, and Wiley
  • Student Recruitment Committee
    Faculty: Basu, Bou Nassif, Huber, Massoud, Reed, Sinclair, Van Arnam, Velazco, Wang, and Warner
    Staff: Fritz and Sandoval-Dancs

Intercollegiate Committees

CMC faculty and staff members of Intercollegiate Committees are:

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees are constituted by the Administration as needed for ad hoc purposes as issues arise needing special attention. They are intended to study an issue, provide advice and recommendations, and then cease operations.

  • Assessment Committee
    Faculty: Crockett, Day, Humes (chair), Keili, Lynch, and Ozbeklik
    Staff: Graves, Haller, Levin, Morgan
  • CMC Activities Committee (CMAC)
    Faculty: TBA
    Staff: Milev (chair), Busiel, Collins, Gale, Gray, Lee, Pelen, Welker, and Worsell
  • Exceptional Service Committee
    Faculty: TBA
    Staff: Rutter (chair)

Committees of the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees committees provide for faculty and student input by means of membership on various committees, subcommittees, and ad hoc committees. Voting is limited to trustees. Faculty members of Board committees are listed as faculty. Tenured (or tenure-track) faculty with administrative appointments who provide staff support are listed as staff.

  • Academic Affairs Committee
    Trustees: McElwee (chair), Podlich (vice chair), Peterson (vice chair), Elbaz (vice chair, institutes), Hetz, Hinckley, Isaacson, Larson, Lerner, Li, McGee Brown, Meinhardt, Murty, Neff, Prager, Ramsey, Records, Remy, Soll, and Wright
    Faculty: Antecol, Appel, Schmitz, and Venit-Shelton
    Staff: Guimond, Humes, Levin, Sofia, Uvin, and Wiley
    Students: Kirsch and Wolfe
  • Audit and Compliance Committee
    Trustees: Neff (chair), Bemowski (vice chair), Elbaz, Grisolano, Hetz, McGee Brown, Soll, and Valach
    Staff: Alonzo, Bibbens, Floyd, Gardner, Rodgers, and Watkins
  • Board Affairs Committee
    Trustees: Hetz (chair), Walker (vice chair), Grisolano (vice chair), Barker, Brown, Chodosh, Crown, Dreier, Elbaz, Klein, Larson, McElwee, McMahon, Mgrublian, Nakasone, and Valach
    Senior Advisor: Novack
    Staff:  Bibbens and Chamberlain
  • Campus Planning and Facilities Committee
    Trustees: Crown (chair), Novack (vice chair), Bemowski, Day, Elbaz, Kurisu, Li, Meinhardt, Murty, Podlich, Remy, Romero, Valach, and Walker
    Senior Advisor: Novack
    Faculty: Shelton, C. and Sinclair
    Staff: Bibbens, Eppinger, Marino, Rodgers, and Uvin
    Students: Bradjan and Kennedy
  • College Advancement Committee
    Trustees: Bemowski (chair), Eggert (vice chair), Wagener (vice chair), Crown, Daniels, Davidson, Dreier, Grisolano, Hetz, Klein, Kurisu, Matteson King, McMahon, Nathan, Nembhard, Romero, Russell, and Streator
    Faculty: Conger and Doan
    Staff: Carrillo, Chamberlain, Hong, and Rutter
    Students: Kandasamy and Pibl
  • Executive Committee
    Trustees: Mgrublian (chair), McMahon (vice chair), Barker (vice chair), Bemowski, Brown, Chodosh, Crown, Day, Dreier, Elbaz, Grisolano, Hetz, Klein, Larson, McElwee, Nakasone, Neff, Novack, Peterson, Podlich, Russell, Valach, Wagener, and Walker
    Staff: Bibbens
  • Finance Committee
    Trustees: Valach (chair), Prager (vice chair), Russell (vice chair), Brown, Daniels, Eggert, Hetz, Hinckley, Matteson King, Murty, Podlich, Records, Romero, and Walker
    Faculty: Garin and Smith, J.
    Staff: Alonzo, Basso, Floyd, Uvin, and Watkins
  • Claremont Investment Fund (CIF)
    Trustees: Russell (chair), Brown, Hetz, McMahon, and Mgrublian
    Staff: Denny, Floyd,and Watkins
  • Claremont Invesment Management Company (CIMC)
    Trustees: Larson (co-chair), Brown (co-chair), Barker, Daniels, Day, McElwee, McMahon, Records, and Walker
    Staff: Denny, Floyd, and Watkins
  • Student Affairs Committee
    Trustees: Klein (chair), Peterson (vice chair), Davidson, Dreier, Eggert, Grisolano, Isaacson, Lerner, Matteson King, McGee Brown, Nakasone, Nathan, Nembhard, Ramsey, Soll, Streator, and Wright
    Faculty: Chung-Kim, Landsberg, Morrison, and Umanath
    Staff: Basso, Graves, Gray, Keller, Sandoval-Dancs, and Wiley
    Students: Carlen, Dawson, Hollimon, Landa Catan, Louzado, and Rosin