2015-2016 Catalog 
    Apr 19, 2024  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Internship Programs

CMC encourages students to participate in internships during the summer or academic year, provided their academic commitments allow for this time-consuming activity. For most summer and semester internships CMC students may apply to receive academic course credit, upon the completion of the specific academic requirements for their selected internship.

Special CMC-sponsored internships, though competitive, are an ideal way to gain experience. CMC’s sponsored internship program has grown over the past few years. Sponsored internship programs include:

  • The Uoroboros Fellowship. Designed to support student internships or projects abroad that offer life-challenging experiences. The fellowship covers the project budget together with an additional $1,000 travel grant;
  • The International Internship Program. Designed to support students who identify and acquire internships abroad with a focus on Asia/Pacific Rim countries;
  • The Community Service Internship Program. Supports CMC’s philosophy of giving back to the community by paying stipends to a limited number of students who work in a community service setting;
  • The Non-Profit Internship Program. Whose mission is to support students pursuing unpaid internships with nonprofits or government agencies while living at home;
  • The Political Education Fellowship. For students to work for a political campaign (offered every other summer);
  • Several research institutes, such as the Kravis Leadership Institute and the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies also offer funding for summer internships.

Further information on these programs is available from the Career Services Center or at the Sponsored Internship Website.

Students who participate in any internship do so with the understanding that CMC cannot make any representation regarding any acts and/or omissions regarding students’ personal safety or property while at, or traveling to, the intern site, since such matters are beyond the direct control of the College. International students must meet with the director of International Place before registering for any internship, to insure compliance with student visa regulations. For additional information about sponsored internships, contact Jason Jeffrey in the Office of Career Services. For additional information regarding internship credit at CMC, see Internships .