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Claremont McKenna College    
  Feb 21, 2018
2017-2018 Catalog

Classical Studies

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The classical studies major provides a broad, liberal arts education and the cultivation of critical thinking skills in multiple disciplines. It is designed for students who want a background in classical civilization while preparing for careers in business and commerce, education, government and law, medicine and the sciences, and other research-related fields such as consulting. It is also complementary to graduate study in various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences (e.g., art history, government, history, law, literature, philosophy, religious studies, psychology) and provides auxiliary preparation for students planning to do graduate work in those areas.

The major participates in the interdisciplinary classics program taught by faculty from Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona and Scripps Colleges, which offers access to a wide range of classics-related topics, including archaeology and art history, classical culture, government and political science, history, literature in translation, mythology, philosophy and religious studies.

Major in Classical Languages

Students who intend to pursue a graduate degree in Classics should major off-campus in Classical Languages and Literatures. The classical studies major at CMC is administered by the CMC Classical Studies Advisory Committee, in cooperation with faculty members at Pitzer, Pomona and Scripps Colleges.

Primary Contact: Professor Gary Gilbert


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